Key Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Laundry Service

Several businesses can benefit from hiring a commercial laundry service from restaurants to hotels, a professional linen company can increase productivity and improve the way you run your enterprise. Having clean linen is an integral part of any organisation, if you are to operate a first-class establishment, sometimes you need to outsource some of your tasks to more capable teams.

You’ll Save a Substantial Amount on Cost

When you operate your own business, one of the main things you think about on a daily basis is how to cut costs. Running any kind of company costs money, therefore the more efficient you make it, the more productive and profitable it becomes. You may feel like using a commercial laundry service is a waste of money, but you’d be sorely mistaken. They don’t only clean your linen, they also create time for you to focus on other departments within your business.

Some business owners also consider using an in-house team instead of outsourcing their laundry, but this is also a mistake. They forget to include the many costs involved in operating their own in-house laundry team.

Let us take a look at some.

  • Equipment

High-quality commercial laundry companies have all the necessary equipment in place to ensure you receive spotlessly clean, pressed linen whenever you send your belongings to their shop. These machines aren’t cheap, they cost a sizeable amount of money and they also take up a lot of space. You can’t just buy a domestic washing machine and hope that it will take care of all your linen without any problems. They aren’t designed for this task, you’ll have to purchase a high-grade industrial machine made for commercial purposes.

  • Products & Accessories

You can’t just throw your linen in a washing machine and hope it comes out looking as good as new, you must add the proper type of detergents and other cleaning products. An in-house team must regularly monitor cleaning products to ensure you aren’t running low, this means keeping stock of bleach, detergent, starch and fabric softener to name but a few.

Save Time & Improve Productivity

Running around looking after laundry takes up a huge amount of time, time which could be better spent on more important tasks. If staff members are busy processing laundry, it takes them away from more meaningful jobs, if you outsource this department, you enable employees to concentrate on your core services.

Lower Risk of Damage

Choosing to manage your own laundry comes with a lot of risks, but enlisting the help of professional companies like Johnsons Stalbridge means you’ve little or no chance of having your linen damaged. You may have a degree in hotel tourism and management, but how qualified are you to properly clean, press, dry, and sort linen.

It isn’t always correct to assume that cutting out the middle man will save you money, sometimes it is far better to outsource, then do it yourself. There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional laundry service, as a business owner it is vital that you consider your options when trying to cut costs.

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