4 Great Benefits Of Having A Live-In Nurse

Taking advantage of live in nursing care for your loved ones, is a great way to ensure that they are getting the right care and also making sure that they get to stay in the comfort of their own home.  A live in nurse just doesn’t provide essential health care, but also friendship and companionship to whomever they are looking after. If it is your parent, then you get great piece of mind, knowing that they are safe and well in the hands of the live in nurse. There are other additional benefits and we will talk about some of them here.

  1. It’s Extremely Affordable – When you compare the costs of a full time nursing home to that of the live in nurse, the differences are huge. When you have a live in nurse, you are generally charged by the hour and so if your parents only need help for only a few of those, then you are saving quite a lot of money. Even getting someone to just sit with your parent as you pop out for a moment, will cost you more than having a qualified person there. A lot of live in nursing service providers do not tie you into contracts and you pay as you go, for your convenience.
  2. The Comforts Of Home – For elderly people, the thought of moving into a home doesn’t bear thinking about. With a live in nurse, they get to stay in the home they have lived in for years and most likely brought their children up in. This feeling of maintaining their independence and being comfortable, helps a lot with the healing process. Being surrounded by family, friends and neighbours is a great way to get better.
  3. Personalised Care – In a nursing home, you are one of a number of people that live there. When you receive a live in nurse, you are getting individual, personalised care. They listen to your needs and concerns and try to make you feel as comfortable as they can. In a nursing home, there just isn’t the time to be able to give everyone special individualised care, and so the older person suffers as a consequence of this.
  4. Maintain Your Independence – In a recent study, when they asked older people what they fear the most, the majority answered that going into a care home was their greatest fear. For many growing old in their own home is the plan for the future and it is where they feel most comfortable. As the saying goes in Australia, your home is your castle, and your home is where you know where everything is, and where everything goes. It is familiar and for sufferers of early onset dementia, this is especially important.

A live in nurse is certainly the way to go, if you want to ensure that your elderly relatives are getting all the help they need, in the comfort of their own homes. Look into this excellent service today and bring joy to your loved one’s lives.

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