An Original Bordeaux Wine Tour by Taxi

Wine Cab is an extraordinary concept allowing tourists to enjoy more fun and more convivial castle visits during a wine tour in Bordeaux. With Wine cab, your English taxi and his friendly driver will make you live moments filled with sensations through unforgettable experiences and captivating tastings. Take a unique trip for a tour in the image of the fine wines with spicy and expressive aromas, with a much nuanced mouth that brings roundness, elegance and fantasy.

Visiting Castles in Médoc during your Wine Tour

During your wine tour in France, particularly in Bordeaux, Wine Cab will make you discover the prestigious Médoc and its famous castles in a very nice atmosphere. You will also be able to taste other wines while moving along a wine route or while making a stop in the vineyards. The most incredible experience is that you will have the chance to create your own wine and go with the bottle of your creation, your own vintage!

Private Tour of the Bordeaux Vineyards and Workshop

The wine tasting by taxi will make you discover the famous and impressive castles of Bordeaux in the best conditions. You will be able to explore some of the 6 wine routes of the region, accompanied and guided by your classy driver. After tasting different varieties of grapes to discover their specificities and their contribution to the composition of a typical Bordeaux wine, you will be able try to create a cuvée by subtly assembling 2, 3 or great varieties of grapes. For example, the combination of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot is just delightful. This workshop will present you the art of the assembly of aromas, textures and flavors… The art of the assembly is the art to chisel your style. During this workshop, your personality will be revealed!

Discover Bordeaux at Night

The city of Bordeaux itself is one the 6 wine routes. It is a wonderful destination that has much to show during the day, as well as at night. Your authentic London taxi booked on and its professional driver offer you a night discovery of the very surprising Bordeaux. This kind of tour will start at sunset and you will gradually see the city changing its appearance when its lights start giving it a romantic atmosphere. Several stops will be made during this excursion to admire the city and its most beautiful monuments differently. On one of these stops, your driver will open a wonderful bottle of white wine to taste and to cheer. Then, in front of these monuments, with your glass of wine in your hand, you will live a unique and unforgettable moment.

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