Are You Ready to Pop the Question?

Whilst most people believe that Valentine’s Day is the most popular day to propose marriage, statistics reveal that Christmas week is chosen more often. Not only that, but women have started proposing to men. Therefore, a traditional proposal can be planned by either a woman or man.

Taking an Important Step

Although tradition points to a man popping the question, women still are making this assertive move. However, if you are a woman who wants to propose marriage because you are sick of waiting, you may want to reconsider your stance. A proposal should be based purely on love.

Planning a Proposal: Who to Contact

Just the same as men, women who propose marriage want to make sure that the venue for the event is both special and meaningful. That is why both women and men go to a company such as The Proposers to plan a proposal event.

Whether you are a woman or man proposing, you want to make sure that the event is not a nerve-wracking occasion. That is why it is better to go to a proposal service to plan the event. By planning a unique and creative marriage proposal, you can make the occasion what you envision.

Filling in Some Details

When you go to a proposal planner, he or she will think up two or more ideas for the proposal. From this information, you can plan to pop the question yourself or have the company arrange the event. If you contact a company online, you will be asked to fill out consultation form. The form will ask that you insert your personal details such as your name, age, email, and contact phone. You will also be asked to include your occupation and where you live.

The form normally asks for proposal dates. Also, keep in mind that proposals during the week are lower in price than they are on the weekends. The form will also request the amount of money that you can spend. That makes it simpler for the proposal firm to arrange an event in your price range.

You also will be asked to describe your personality from a list of adjectives and will be required to select the three most relevant words. For example, some of the descriptors that are listed include the following:

  • Outgoing
  • Quiet
  • Practical
  • Imaginative
  • Confident
  • Outrageous

You need to include details about your partner as well, such as his or her name, age, and occupation. What activities does he or she love? What is your partner’s favourite books, band, hobby, or film? You also need to include three relevant characteristics for your partner. This information and other details will be used to come up with just the right proposal ideas. You can also give the proposal company your idea and have them plan the event. Featured proposals are provided for your consideration as well.

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