Craft breweries Can Maximize Uptime With Liquid Level Float Switches

The craft brewery business continues to make huge strides in the overall beer market. With the number of local microbrew companies popping up everywhere, there is lots of good beer to enjoy and craft breweries now account for 13.2% of the market. As the craft beer business grows, so too does the need to brew, store, and transport all the different liquids necessary to make the next great IPA. In an industry that is always creating new flavor profiles and pushing boundaries while needing to precisely measure and store liquids at the proper temperatures.

The handling processes, treatment, and storage of fluids are critical for these companies to succeed and build upon what they have already done. Innovative Components is a leading manufacturer of liquid level float switches, continuous level sensors, and controls. Their custom two-level stainless steel float switches control pumps, valves, and alarms so that breweries can ensure that their next batch of beer is as good as the last and that beer-drinkers get the quality products that they want and are driving the growth of the market. These float switches can be used in many different applications within the craft brewing industry, including wastewater treatment, potable water handling, fermentation, filtration, and bottling.

The experienced engineers at Innovative Components will work directly with you to design a custom float switch to meet your specific needs. Their engineers can position multiple floats on a single shaft while utilizing high grade 316 stainless steel. They provide hundreds of different mounting options including sanitary flanges and threaded fittings. The craft beer industry is here to stay and Innovative Components is here to help you succeed.

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