Funeral Services: Your Questions Answered

Arranging a funeral service is an involved process. Therefore, it is helpful to have a basic knowledge about the service’s purpose and some of the appropriate etiquette. A funeral is a tribute to a loved one and is considered an essential step in the grieving process. A service also allows you to honour the deceased. Therefore, a funeral gives friends and families a chance to express their love, sympathy, and respect.

Basic Details

Knowing the following details will help you better communicate with funeral directors in SN12:

  • If the remains of the deceased are cremated, you can pick them up after the funeral on the next working day. You may also pick up the remains on the same day of the funeral, provided the service is held in the morning.
  • In some cases, embalming is used to preserve the body. This method involves administering a chemical through the vascular system. Embalming is only recommended when the deceased is viewed or the coffin is opened during a service at church.
  • Personal items can be placed in the deceased’s coffin, as long as they are not made of glass or metal.
  • The deceased can be dressed in clothing chosen by the family or in one of the funeral home’s gowns.
  • A chapel of rest is a family viewing room where family members pay their last respects to the deceased.
  • Most funerals take place between seven and ten days after death.

Holding a Memorial Service

As you can see, it is helpful to know some basic information about a funeral service before it is held. You may also choose to hold a memorial service if cremation is chosen instead of burial.

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