Garfagnana Natural Beauty

In Garfagnana, then we can find mountain flavors like mushrooms (and the typical Salsa Mushrooms and Sausage, Salami Boccone Porcini Mushrooms and Tagliatelle alla Castagna), chestnuts (in all its forms such as Pecorino Chestnut), sausages (as for example Salame Prosciuttato, Biroldo or Biroldo Salami, Salami Boccone Porcini Mushrooms, Salame Garfagnino, the Beef of Pozza, Mondiola, Pancetta Rolled, the Bazzone Ham, Lard Groppone, the Linchetto Porcini Mushrooms) game, cheeses (Pecorino remember Spelt, Pecorino Chestnut, Pecorino to Caciaia, Pecorino leaves Nuts and Pecorino Seasoned to Ashes) alternating with local traditional dishes such as, for example, spelled soups, corn polenta, soups legumes until you get to fish specialties from the mountain streams.

Salame Biroldo Product Garfagnana is naturally free of preservatives, thickeners and dyes, it can be eaten cold, cut knife accompanied by bread, focaccia or cheese. Salame Biroldo, shows a beautiful dark brown and has the form of a round loaf. It ‘a meat very fragrant from deep taste.

Working Biroldo is to cook for about 3 hours in a boiler, various parts of the pig: the heart, the head, tongue, lung, and rind.


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