Hiring A Vintage Ice Cream Van For Your Wedding Day

Hiring a vintage ice cream van for your wedding day is perhaps one of the most unique things to do to celebrate your special day. Envisage an iconic vintage ice cream van serving delicious natural ice creams to your wedding guests in a delightful twist to traditional wedding catering. The sheer uniqueness of this idea will ensure that it remains memorable not only to you, but also to your guests for a long time to come.

Thinking of a great photo op that is completely exclusive? Imagine getting the couple and the bridal entourage to pose for an array of striking photos by the vintage ice cream van. You’ll love how the vintage beauty of the ice cream van resonates delightfully with the modern colour tones of your spectacular wedding. You can create even better memories by setting up a photo booth inside the vintage ice cream van after all the delicious ice cream has been served to your guests. The unforgettable memories you create will make your special day one of the best in your life.

Create Fond Memories for Wedding Guests Young and Old with A Vintage Ice Cream Van

Hiring a vintage ice cream van for your wedding day is a certain way to create a myriad of fond memories for the young and old guests because it is associated with child-like fun and lifelong goodness. Combine a vintage ice cream van with your family and friends on your wedding day and you’re sure to put a big smile on everyone’s face.

Ice Cream Adds A Special Flavour To Wedding Catering

A vintage ice cream van is sure to add a special flavour to the best day of your life, so bring the unique and simple pleasure of a vintage ice cream van for your wedding catering and feel ecstatic as everyone relishes this irreplaceable concept.


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