How To Claim Compensation After Falling In A Public Space

No one welcomes the compensation culture when it involves spurious claims but what about genuine cases where people get injured through no fault of their own but due to negligence on the part of another person or organisation? In public spaces, under public liability law you have the right to be safe at all times, so if you receive an injury in such circumstances you may have a legitimate case for compensation and Maurice Blackburn slip and fall lawyers are the perfect example of the type of law firm you need to contact.

Examples of where you might make a claim include:

  • Falls in shops or offices
  • Accidents in sporting venues
  • Tripping over poorly maintained pavements or slippery steps into buildings
  • Attacks by out of control pets or escaped farm animals
  • Accidents on public or private transport
  • Injuries sustained in schools, e.g. lack of proper supervision or maintenance
  • Any other falls on public property where there is questionable maintenance
  • Assaults in the street
  • Injuries sustained in a rental property

These are just a few of the many occasions where there might be negligence on the part of the responsible party, and not all the examples involve falls, but falling over is a common problem and may occur in any of them. For instance, an attack by a dog may not involve a direct injury from a bite but could knock a frail person over.

Public liability law is a complex area and before making a claim it is wise to seek legal advice. It is commonplace for such cases to be pursued on a no win no fee basis so you have nothing to lose by listening to sound advice. The main principle involved is the concept of duty of care owed to the party receiving injury, and is supported by case law.

However, if the injury is significant, the following list indicates things you should do:

  • If you have a phone or camera, record the physical circumstances, including your injuries (ask another person to do this if you are incapacitated
  • Take the names and contact details of any witnesses, e.g. security guard at a shopping centre, passers by or medical examiners treating the injury
  • Keep all records of any expenses, e.g. medical costs, income lost by time off work, etc.
  • Ideally, seek legal advice as soon as possible and before entering into any communication or correspondence with the responsible party as you may jeopardize your case by saying the wrong things for all the right reasons

Many people feel that they owe it to themselves to take care when walking down the street and hesitate to make a claim. However, it is important to think not just of yourself but of others who may trip over the same upturned kerbstone or slip on crumbly steps. Enforcing public liability law makes the physical environment safer for us all.


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