Important Information about Relocating a Warehouse

Warehouses are commonly used for storage and movement of goods. Companies usually rent warehouses in order to store their inventory and then move it around to different distributors around the city. Many companies that have nationwide distribution need to set up warehouses in various different cities, and then create a delivery network which will be used for moving the goods from one place to another. If you are running a company that has warehouses in different parts of the country, one of the biggest challenges that you are going to face will be associated with moving the entire warehouse from one place to another.

If the lease has run out on an older warehouse and you wish to relocate to a better position in the city, it’s important that you take several factors into account. If the company has already rented a warehouse location, the most important thing that you must factor in the move is the movement of inventory. Warehouse relocation is not going to be easy, so you will need to hire an experienced company that specialises primarily in warehouse removals.

The company will first visit your warehouses to inspect the amount of inventory stored within. If the inventory is of a specialised nature and must be kept in a controlled environment, the costs of the move will increase considerably. Melbourne warehouse removalists will give you a quote for the move and then start planning the move. Here are a few tips to help make warehouse removals easier for you, there are also some important things that you should know about relocating to a newer warehouse.

Specialist Equipment

If you need to move machinery or other equipment that can’t be moved by hand, you need to talk to the removalists about bringing specialist equipment for the relocation process. The company will discuss the requirements with you first in order to get a better idea about the equipment needed for the move. The specialist equipment will be used to move heavy machinery from one warehouse to another. It’s important that you first get an estimate from the company regarding the move so that you can save time and money in the long run. The company will carefully check the requirements and the effort involved in the move and then give you an estimate. If you are satisfied, you will need to pay a small fee upfront to the company before they can start preparing for the relocation process.


You also need to confirm the timeframe for the move with the company. It’s important that you find out how much time it will take to relocate the warehouse, as the entire business will be affected. If the warehouse relocation takes longer, you will end up losing out on potential revenue and this will also disrupt business proceedings. Therefore, try to make sure that the warehouse relocation is handled as quickly as possible and completed within a few days, or at most, a week.

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