Is vaping better for your health than smoking tobacco cigarettes

As per recent studies, the fact has been proved that vaping is way better than tobacco smoking. The Public Health England stated that e-cigarettes and vaping is 95% safer than smoking and even the Cancer Research UK has supported vaping as against smoking related issues. It has proved that electronic cigarettes have assisted 50 people in a day to quit smoking. Yet there is a constant topic of debate for the regulatory bodies about whether or not vaping is safer than smoking.

Do e-cigarettes help you fight against cancer or other lung diseases?

We are all acquainted with the fact that tobacco cigarettes are critical in causing cancer and this is why they are usually not recommended by doctors. But as a matter of fact, using cigarettes are addictive and it is indeed too tough to break free from the addiction. There are many chain smokers who tend to overcome their addicted by switching to electronic cigarettes instead of turning to the damaging impacts of tar and tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are a rather new product and hence learning about the regulations is something that is vital for the users. It was seen that the people who switched to e-cigarettes from regular tobacco cigarettes for even 6 months saw lower levels of cancer-causing elements and toxins in the body. The study even revealed that it is necessary to do a complete switch over. The use of e-cigarettes rather than regular cigarettes would mean lesser exposure to chemicals which you would be otherwise exposed to. It is incredibly important to reduce the exposure of people to toxic and harmful products.

Cancer Research UK has adopted a balanced approach towards different e-cigarette products citing their benefit in assisting people to quit smoking. They think that there should be enough regulation around the distribution of such vape products, making sure that the idea of vaping isn’t demonstrated as something attractive to children and teens. They also believe that there is no need of banning e-cigarettes indoor as they do no harm.

E-cigarettes or smoking?

Based on what the experts have to say, they feel that electronic cigarettes are safer than smoking. Vaping hasn’t been related to any serious health hazard whereas smoking is related to different health issues. Hence, switching to vaping from smoking reduces the biggest health risks.

Therefore, whatever might be your addiction, if you’re a chain smoker; it is always better to use e-liquids that you get from

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