Step by Step Process to Get Rid of Blood Stains From Carpet

While at home, we may cut ourselves with sharp objects, or often the kids expressing love might end up with a bleeding nose. Alternatively, imagine someone got injured, and some drops of blood fell on the carpet of your well-decorated home. Horrific isn’t it? The stain of the blood is something which can spoil the whole beauty of the carpet as well as the home décor.

The stains on the carpet can be removed in many ways, and some of them are given below:

  • With the help of detergent and cold water
  • By using ammonia, detergent, and cold water
  • By the use of hydrogen peroxide
  • By making a paste of salt and using it

These methods are life hacks which one can try on their own to remove the wet as well as dry stains. Even though these methods are recommended to remove small blood stains, it is not the perfect choice. If these methods are not done carefully, there is a big chance for the stain to spread and make it look worse than it is.

Use of chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, if not done correctly, will cause damage to the carpet fibers. If the salt method is used and the salt is not washed off thoroughly, it will damage the carpet over time.

A carpet is something we don’t plan to change now and then. Also, good quality carpets are very costly. So, it is highly recommended to approach professionals like the carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne to do the job. They are one of the best cleaning services in Melbourne and use the most effective carpet cleaning methods like steam carpet cleaning method. When you approach the best, there is no doubt about the outcome being the best!

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This method is one of the best ways to clean your carpet as well as get rid of stains. In this method

  • First, the carpet is vacuumed with a specialized vacuum cleaner to remove all the dry dirt materials from the root to the top of the fibers
  • Then the carpet is sprayed with the cleaning chemicals. The cleaning chemicals used depends upon a variety of factors like fiber strength, material, thickness, texture, etc. All the light stains are removed in this process
  • The next step is the stain treatment method which makes use of different stain removal products which are non-toxic. These products may vary depending on the stain and the carpet material.
  • The final step is the steam cleaning method which extracts all the dissolved stain and chemicals used and cleans the carpet thoroughly with hot water. The detergent used while steam cleaning improves the texture and gives a brand-new look to the carpet.

Carpets are expensive and are an important piece of the home décor. Therefore, it is recommended to approach well-trained people for carpet cleaning. Professionals like the carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne guarantees the best work and are well known for the quality services they offer.

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