Things To Keep In Mind While Planning A Road Trip In Australia

Drive Cautiously In Australia To Avoid A Dangerous Vehicle Collision With ‘Roos!

Enjoy the wildlife, from a safe distance.

Australia is an impressive continent, isn’t it? The geography and wildlife alone are sought out by travellers from across the planet. It can be an intimidating landscape for those who travel here, as you know there are more than our fair share of creepy crawly critters. Some of the species in Australia are native and exclusive, and we must take care to protect and preserve the species.

Planning a road trip can be a lot of fun in and of itself. The anticipation of the coming adventure is like a child preparing for Disneyland. The automobile is loaded down with luggage, extra pillows and enough snacks to end starvation. All of your devices are charged, sunglasses mounted, and music selection is patiently waiting to begin the party.

You hop into the passenger’s seat, with the bestie at the wheel. The two of you are on the road, finally. Good times, salty snacks, and the open road. As your mindless facebook scrolling keeps you occupied, the screech of the tires and sudden braking makes your heart leap nearly out of your chest and you gasp in fright. You look up and see the face of an Australian native staring calmly at you. That cocky Kangaroo, not moving a muscle other than his grinding jaws. Chew, chew, chew. He does not appear to be phased at all by his near-death experience.

Kangaroos are quite territorial under the right circumstances. Facing off to a motor vehicle may seem silly to you, however, a roo will do whatever it takes to protect what they feel is theirs. This type of motorway collision is affecting the wild population of Marsupials, and little studies have been done to get an answer to the question of why there are so many collisions involving roos.

Additionally, Kangaroos travel in packs, or ‘mobs’, with many other roos. Chances are if there is a roo on the highway, there are more nearby. A split second can cause a major motor vehicle collision, and the results can be devastating. Not only for the roo but for the human victims as well. These accidents can easily be fatal. For the most part, they will avoid you and your vehicle.

How do I avoid hitting a Kangaroo?

Driving safely is always the first bit of advice, of course. More than just safe driving can prevent these accidents and save lives. Since Kangaroos are often unpredictable, it is the duty of the human to practice a heightened awareness of their surroundings in active roo areas. Most of us would never intentionally hit an animal of any kind carelessly. However, the only way to prevent a kangaroo collision is carefully approaching these areas.

How can I be absolutely sure I avoid roos?

There are no foolproof practices to be one hundred percent certain an accident will not occur. There are only steps to achieve the safest driving practices possible. Accidents happen, but you can lower your chances by following simple guidelines and obey the laws of the highway. If you see a mob of roos, do not approach or harass a kangaroo, they can be very dangerous when they feel they are intruded upon.

What are the best bits of advice?

The first consideration is to watch your speed! Slow down in those areas, usually marked with road signs warning of possible kangaroo activity. It is also important to note that a road sign can be missed, and common sense applies in all rural areas. Just because there isn’t a sign, does not mean there are absolutely no dangers. Remember to scan the area and be fully aware you are intruding on their landscape. Approach corners with caution, treating each stretch of road as potentially hazardous. Keep your speed near the posted speed limit, and lower your speed if possible.

What if there are impatient drivers behind me?

Again, common sense applies; if there is an inconsiderate or reckless driver who is determined to drive like a toddler, then, by all means, allow them to pass. Pull your car to the left and do not escalate the aggravation. Pull safely back to the roadway and continue driving safely. Use the opportunity to visually scan the area for hazards, and look up ahead at the landscape. Additionally, enjoy the scenery. Half of the fun on a road trip is the beautiful countryside and wildlife you may not often witness. Kangaroos are a beautiful sight, and if you see one or many in the wild safely look or take photographs from inside the vehicle.

In conclusion, your road trip will be a much more enjoyable journey if you relax and drive carefully. Enjoy Australian countryside and understand we are all sharing the landscape, the road, and the beautiful wildlife that Australia has to offer. Hitting a kangaroo would certainly put a damper on your vacation, so practice these tips to ensure a safe journey.

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