Use Some Hacks So You Can Relax

No one wants to do things the hard way so why not make your life easier with some hacks? These simple solutions have taken over the Internet because of the time that they can really save. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, or anything else that you have to do but don’t want taking up your entire day, you can find a way to do it better.

With spring around the corner, spring cleaning will be soon to follow and we all know what that means. Our mums all taught us that it takes an entire day to wipe down every counter, shake out every rug, and make every surface of the house as clean as possible. Instead of going with the traditional route of giving up a whole 24 hours to reset your home for the warm weather, why not tune in to these cleaning hacks that will make your life this spring a whole lot easier?

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

You always want your kitchen to look and smell great before preparing your next meal but sometimes leftover food can be insane to get off. Instead of taking apart every appliance, there are ways to get around it with a simpler approach. Using heat paired with certain ingredients will soften the dried-on food and make it easier to remove.

Take your microwave, for example. You can fill a bowl with water and vinegar and place it in the microwave for 10 minutes; after, you will be able to wipe off old grime and food with ease. Just be sure to place a toothpick in the bowl so that it doesn’t boil over while it’s heating up.

How to Clean the Spots You’ve Left for Months

Some spots in our houses go unnoticed without a cleaning for months because they are either out of sight or just not easy to figure out. If we think about how often we sit on our couches, you would think that we clean them the most but a lot of people don’t know how to go about cleaning their couches. With microfiber couches, it is as simple as spraying rubbing alcohol all over the surface and using a white sponge or towel to lift off the dirt that has built up.

The same thing happens with ceiling fans. Because we never see the tops of our ceiling fan blades, we never think to give them a quick dusting. By the time we get around to it, the dust is packed on. Instead of getting that built-up dirt all over the floor when you try wiping it off, grab a pillowcase to catch all the dust in one go.

There are so many ways that you can make your life simpler with things that you would never think of using. It may be the mixing of things you already have or repurposing cleaning products for other uses. In the end, you shouldn’t have to spend your spring doing anything other than thawing out after a harsh winter.

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