Why American Football Is The Best Game In The World

The Super Bowl is the ultimate sporting event in most Americans’ calenders every year. It is also so big, that when it is on, it also appears in many European newspapers and sports channels, and the game’s popularity is steadily growing outside America. Many in Europe and the rest of the world, don’t really understand the game and talk about a game that is in fact, sixty minutes long, but takes an eternity to play. Couple this with the half time show, and you have a game lasting so long , but that’s the point. It’s a great day out for you and the family.

Great Skill.

There is a lot of skill involved with the game of American football and you have to be able to understand the game, in order to appreciate that. The strategies that take place during a game are amazing and anyone that’s ever been to a Uchicago football game, has seen many great games where psychology and pure skill dominate. When you look at soccer for example, the comparisons between the two are completely different and although soccer is growing in popularity in America, it has a number of shortfalls.

More Sportsmanlike.

In the game of soccer there always seem to be players trying to get the referee to make wrong decisions. The amount of diving in the game is a little out of hand, and this is something that you very rarely find in the game of American football. It happens occasionally, but fewer and fewer players are choosing not to do it and that can only have a positive influence on the game itself. Pretending to be injured, rolling back and forward across the pitch in an attempt to get a free kick, and time wasting, are not elements of the game of American football that you find in the game of soccer.

It’s A Fair Game.

When you look at clubs like Manchester United or Real Madrid, you see teams that are good because of the amount of money they have, and their ability to buy almost any player they want. In American football, we have the draft system which allows the weaker teams to get first pick or refusal on the best players that are coming out of college football. This means that no one team can really dominate the game unlike what happens in the game of soccer. Sure, occasionally a few of the lower teams in soccer surprise you, but it is certainly not the norm.

Technology Use.

Soccer games use less technology, so when a player cheats or the ball doesn’t go over the goal line, then referees make wrong decisions. Many important games have been lost due to cheating, and one that springs to mind, is when Ireland was put out of the cup because a French player deliberately used his hand to set up a goal. This doesn’t happen in American football  because the coach is allowed to challenge decisions, and the referee can then refer the decision, and look at it on the big screen. It makes for a much fairer game, which allows teams to go home content that they got a fair go.

American football is and will remain to be a great American institution. Get yourself some tickets and find out what all the fuss is about.

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